Excerpt From Ottawa Citizen Review March 23, 2018 – TD Place Concert –

“Opening the show was the vintage B.C. rock band Chilliwack, which set the
tone for the night with a performance that was packed with familiar tunes,
the aural equivalent of comfort food for any Canadian who grew up in the 70s
or 80s. Singer-songwriter-guitarist Bill Henderson, who’s 73, was in great
shape, his sterling vocals and distinctive guitar licks untarnished by
48 years in the business. He even took a leap at one point. showing off a spry

With drummer Jerry Adolphe, Bill’s brother Ed Henderson on guitar and
newest member, bassist Gary Maxwell, they were four men in a rock ‘n’ roll
band, as the song goes, now sporting grey-to-white hair and dressed head to
toe in basic black. Except for the slightly rushed tempo of opening number,
Lonesome Mary, they played impeccably, hitting the high notes, fleshing out
the harmonies and digging into those sweet melodies from the golden age of

Arms of Mary soared, Crazy Talk had the crowd singing along, My Girl (Gone,
Gone, Gone) crackled with energy and Fly By Night brought it all home for
one of our country’s underappreciated gems of a band.”